Why Promotional Fundraising for a Chamber of Commerce?

Treasured Scenes limited edition products began as a simple fundraising program in 1982. The purpose of the first fundraising program through these collectibles was to help meet the marketing and financial needs of several chambers of commerce. These chambers of commerce were looking to expand their own profile in their respective communities as well as their communities’ profile in the United States.

Our first chamber of commerce in Pennsylvania was searching for a solution to raise funds for new street decorations to make their main street in town a more attractive area to new business investors. While the local business members were already supporting this chamber of commerce financially, new sources of revenue were needed to sponsor the purchase and installation of the new street decorations in the town’s commercial district. The first limited edition fund-raiser was created using the Treasured Scenes glass ornaments, and the chamber was able to surpass the funds needed for the purchase of new street decorations while creating a series of over 25 editions to bring in additional revenue annually.

Today hundreds of chambers of commerce use the Treasured Scenes program as a highly profitable fundraiser and strong marketing tool for their regions. The Treasured Scenes custom collectibles help market regional resources as they each feature regional resources, such as businesses, cultural events, and historic sites.

Many chamber directors have one or two volunteers from their boards who oversee the success of the Treasured Scenes program each year. Also many chambers partner with member businesses who wish to make the collectibles available in retail stores. Some businesses will purchase them as gifts to loyal customers and friends. Some business members, such as a bed & breakfast or a professional services firm, will offer the collectibles as a premium for their customers’ patronage.

The highly positive results impress each sponsoring chambers of commerce, as the general public becomes more interested in how the chamber of commerce is functioning within their business community.  Each collectible generates a positive public image of the region and the business community through these valuable collectibles.  Starting an effective fundraiser for your chamber is easy with our formula for success.

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A Sampling of Ornaments Done by Chambers of Commerce

 Glass Ball ornament  Glass ball ornament  Glass ball ornament
 Glass ball ornament  Glass ball ornament  


Marketing Support:

Your marketing efforts for your Treasured Scenes fundraiser will be enhanced through a digital marketing package that Keystone Specialties will provide for FREE as a convenience. This marketing package will include a sample media release, a digital flier to upload to your website, post on other websites, or print to post in locations around town, & finally a schedule to help you manage your fundraiser from beginning to end. The road to fundraising success is clearly marked with the Treasured Scenes program. 


How to Partner Treasured Scenes with Member Businesses:

 Consider the benefits each business member could experience through making the Treasured Scenes product available to their customers. From client “thank you” gifts to premiums for purchases, the options are limitless. Many retail stores will experience increased foot traffic from the publicity the Treasured Scenes collectibles create alone. When approaching member businesses to help raise funds, always promote the rewards the participating member business will gain from helping. The increased publicity, foot traffic, and business transactions the collectibles will promote should be emphasized.



Selecting a Treasured Scenes Collectible for Your Chamber:

After selecting a subject image to feature on your chamber’s first Treasured Scenes collectible, consider any other limited edition collectibles already available that feature your town.  By adding a new collectible not currently available to your town’s promotional products, Treasured Scenes collectibles will increase the profile of both the chamber of commerce and member business community. 

For example, if your town already has a collector’s mug series available to the public, then choose a different promotional product to bring fresh and exciting options to tourists and residents as they make purchases.  As new items are developed for the public to purchase, your chamber will experience increased publicity and stronger fundraising results instead of declining sales and fundraising revenue. 


How Many Should You Order?

While it is hard to determine whether or not a Treasured Scenes Collectible will work in your area, we are positive that a list of buyers will grow over time. What we suggest is test the waters first. Start by ordering a small quantity of a particular item (ornaments work best for this) and see how well they go over. What you absolutely must do is capture the names of every person who buys your item. If you are going to start a series (and we highly suggest it), you will want to get in contact with them once your 2nd (or 3rd, 4th, 5th,..etc) editions come out. It is always better to sell out than to have items left over. Scarcity leads to demand! Demand leads to sales!