Church Fundraising

How Treasured Scenes can be used in a Congregation:

The custom collectibles in the Treasured Scenes collection have been used for many purposes in thousands of churches.  One of the most important reasons has been fundraising for groups within congregations, such as youth groups, women’s study groups, men’s fellowship circles, and mission groups.  Hundreds of churches have also celebrated special anniversaries together with the unique beauty of a custom Treasured Scenes collectible. 

 Ornaments, collectors plates, trivets, and other great items we offer have been used to capture the special moments of each congregation we serve.  Whether the purpose of producing the Treasured Scenes item is for fundraising or celebration, Keystone Specialties experienced staff can help make your collectible a valuable keepsake for generations to enjoy.

Stained glass window ornament

Celebrate Stained Glass!

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Marketing Support: 

Any fundraising efforts through the Treasured Scenes program will be enhanced through a digital marketing package that Keystone Specialties will provide as a FREE convenience.  This marketing package will include a digital flyer to upload to the congregation’s website, post on related websites, or print and insert into the church bulletins. You can also post the full color flyers on bulletin boards around the worship facility. 

Marketing Support Materials


How to Celebrate an Anniversary with Treasured Scenes:

Four Color Church Ornament

Whether it’s the 5th or 300th anniversary of a congregation, creating a collectible to remember the occasion heightens everyone’s expectations while bringing a charming memento to the special year.  Feature your congregation’s worship building, stained glass windows, an altar, a meditation garden, or any other significant icon your congregation identifies with.  Add scripture from a holy book for inspiration, or a special wish for peace.

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How to Fundraise for Special Missions:

Generous mission programs require generous cash flow.  This can be a challenging effort without a structured approach to your mission fundraising drives.  Treasured Scenes fundraising programs use a proven method to maximize the funds you earn based on your congregation’s size.  . 


A Series of Stained Glass Windows

Stained Glass Ornament 1

Front Side

Stained Glass Window Ornament 2

Back Side

Stained Glass Ornament 2

Front Side

Stained Glass Window Ornament 3

Back Side

Stained Glass Ornament 3

Front Side

Stained Glass Window Ornament 4

Back Side

Stained Glass Ornament 4

Front Side

Stained Glass Ornament 4

Back Side


How to Fundraise for Youth Groups:

Picutre of Money

Youth groups can afford more activities with Treasured Scenes fundraising programs.  It’s the perfect solution to create an annual revenue stream by creating a series everyone in the congregation can enjoy collecting.  By using more general subject matter instead of congregation-specific, the fundraiser can easily be expanded to the surrounding community as well.