Custom Ceramic Ornaments

Custom ceramic ornaments offer a unique product to have your most colorful artwork, photograph, or logo printed on for the holiday season. These ornaments make a popular fundraiser, thanks to the lower cost of digital printing, that enables any design to stand out boldly on the surface. Besides the advantages of featuring colorful artwork, the ceramic ornaments offer a variety of geometric and iconic shapes that can fit a broad spectrum of promotional themes. 

All custom printed ceramic ornaments come with a cord for hanging on a Christmas tree. In addition, each ornament comes with a gift box - allowing you to safely store them or display them for retail sale. Second side imprinting is available to print the same design as featured on the front, or to feature a different design that compliments the front image. 

Here are some examples of how each custom printed ceramic ornament shape can feature your promotional logo or fundraiser’s theme:


Circle Ceramic Ornament

The advantage of a circular ornament is that it offers a symmetrical imprint area. For example, let’s imagine that you want to feature a square or rectangular photograph reproduced on an ornament. The photo can be cropped into a circle so that the main subject of the photograph is centered within the circle. If you desire, a colorful frame can then be added around the edge of the circle to provide a bold contrast to the photo and provide a finished appearance. Also text describing the image can be arched above or below along the perimeter of the circular imprint area of this ornament to help identify the image featured. 

These circular ceramic ornaments also work well to print logos because the symmetrical imprint area allows the logo to take center stage. Even if the logo is abstractly shaped, the clean shape of a circular ornament surrounding it will allow the logo to remain the focus. 

Heart Ceramic Ornament

Heart shapes express many positive emotions that can enrich your promotional theme. When choosing a heart shaped ceramic ornament, it expresses love, romance, or gratitude. These emotions can turn a promotional concept that would otherwise appear sterile and make the image connect to the recipient on a personal level. The shape of a heart is a unique design for an ornament – whether it’s used as a promotion, a fundraiser, or an appreciation gift. Be aware that the photo will be cropped in the shape of the heart to fit the imprint area, so details that are towards the corners of the photo will not be printed. For a virtual layout showing you how your image will appear on the ornament, send us your photo by submitting a quote request, or by placing your order. Either way a virtual layout will be emailed to you for your approval.

Star Ceramic Ornament

Everybody’s logo can be the star attraction when it’s centered inside this celestial shape. Besides logos, these ceramic ornaments shaped like a star are perfect way to feature a tribute or memorial photograph for an event where the person is being honored. Since the second side can also be printed, this ornament can also feature a paragraph of text describing the tribute photo featured on the front. With full color imprint that stretches from point to point across the star, the logo or photograph featured can appear in all of its brilliance. 


Christmas Tree Ceramic Ornament

Give your ornament design more whimsical flair by choosing the Christmas tree shape topped with a star. With its shiny glazed surface, this ceramic tree ornament provides a quality medium to feature your artwork in its fullest colors – just like a decorated tree brightens the Winter season. 

Because of its unique shape, your photo can be cropped into the shape of the tree. If printing a logo, a background color can be added across this tree shaped ornament to contrast richly with your logo’s colors.


Oval Lace Edge Ceramic Ornament

This elliptical shaped oval ornament features a lace-like, basket style frame for your custom imprint. The edges are softly rounded, which provides a nostalgic flavor to frame a portrait in the vertical position or landscape artwork in the horizontal position. 

Second side imprint can either be the same as the front imprint, or even feature a paragraph explaining the image on the front. For a uniquely shaped ornament, this oval ornament with a basket weave edge stands out from all other shapes. 


Round Lace Edge Ceramic Ornament

Like its companion oval shape, the round ornament features the same basket-like lace edge to soften your featured imprint. The same imprint can be featured on both sides of the ornament, or a complimentary photo or a paragraph detailing the main photo can be featured on the back side of this ceramic ornament instead.