Gift Shops

Selecting Treasured Scenes Collectibles for a Gift Shop:

Gift shop ornament 1Before selecting a new collectible to add to a gift shop’s product mix, consider the current products offered in the gift store. Overall sales volume can be increased in any retail store by offering different products that attract new customers. For example, if your retail store already sells an etched metal custom shaped ornament, then it would be advisable to choose a different collectible rather than to marginalize the sales of the existing products offered.

At the same time, if an existing product has very slow sales, possibly because the product is dated or has quality issues, then replace it with one of the high quality custom Treasured Scenes collectibles for renewed sales results. Using this purchasing approach can create strong sales growth for any retailer, and will draw new foot traffic in any store as new and diverse products are introduced to the shelves.

Let our staff help you create a valuable new product to boost your retail sales. Shown below are series of glass ball ornaments that gift shops have been doing for years!

A Series of Gift Shop Ornaments

Arizona Series 1 Front

Arizona Series 1 Back

Arizona Series 2 Front

Arizona Series 2 Back

Arizona Series 3 Front

Arizona Series 3 Back

JJ Jackson Museum Series 1 Front

JJ Jackson Series 1 Back

JJ Jackson Series 2 Front

JJ Jackson Series 2 Back

JJ Jackson Series 3 Front

JJ Jackson Series 3 Back


Calculating Profit Margins:

Most products in the Treasured Scenes collection should be sold for 40% or 50% profit margin. All set-up charges on the products in the collection are already included in the prices shown. Artistic digital design work will be charged separately though. Higher quantity purchases yield higher profit margins since the prices decrease based on the quantity purchased. See the following sample price chart for clarity:



Designing a Treasured Scenes Product for Retail:

Once you’ve selected a product to make available in your gift shop, the design work can be completed by Keystone Specialties professional graphic artist to make your new item a hit as soon as it reaches the shelves.  From the custom break-proof Treasured Scenes packaging to the image development, your product should be an eye-catching addition that stands out from other products.