Main Street Program Fundraising


How to Partner Treasured Scenes with a Main Street Program:

If your city is fortunate enough to have a Main Street Program, one who's purpose is to facilitate the aesthetic revitalization of a traditional community, then the Treasured Scenes program will offer new revenues to help meet your program’s fundraising goals every year. 

Custom CoinRegardless of how many grants or how large grants your town has received are, the goal of the Main Street Program, sponsored by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, is to offer seed money to these traditional communities for building renovations, lighting improvements, pedestrian-friendly development, seasonal decorations, and other improvements needed to attract development.  Low-interest loans as well as grants have bought many decimated urban areas back from the wrecking ball to vital and safe neighborhoods. 

Custom etched ornamentHow does Treasured Scenes fundraising play a part in Main Street Programs?  It offers a recurring funding source through its limited edition collectibles produced to highlight historic places and events in communities each year.  The funds raised from the Treasured Scenes program can be used to match a challenge grant, or repay the low-interest loans available through the Main Street Program.


Marketing Support:

Marketing Support MaterialAny fundraising efforts through the Treasured Scenes program will be enhanced through a digital marketing package that Keystone Specialties will provide as a FREE convenience.  This marketing package will include a digital flier to upload to your Main Street program’s website, post on related websites, or print to post in community bulletins.

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How to Set a Treasured Scenes Fundraising Goal:

Setting a goal is easy with the Treasured Scenes program. First of all, consider whether the fundraiser will be held at a specific event, throughout the community for an extended period of time, or both.  Also consider which businesses in your community will help make the Treasured Scenes collectibles available to the public.  Once you know where & how the promotional collectibles will be made available, it’s time to set a fundraising goal. 

If your Main Street program will be introducing the collectibles at a special event, look at attendance results from the previous similar events.  If no historical data is available, start with your city or county’s population.  (Use the population figures for the area where the collectibles will be made available).  Once estimated population or attendance figures are available to work with, use one of the following formulas for a good estimate of how many people will purchase your Treasured Scenes collectibles.  The formula below has been developed from thousands of organizations’ fundraising results over 28 years of experience.


Event based Fundraising Formula:

  1. picture of moneyAttendance at last similar event (or number of tickets sold if first event)
  2. Attendance divided by 4 = approximate buyers


Population based Fundraising Formula:

While it is hard to determine whether or not a Treasured Scenes Collectible will work in your area, we are positive that a list of buyers will grow over time. What we suggest is test the waters first. Start by ordering a small quantity of a particular item (ornaments work best for this) and see how well they go over. What you absolutely must do is capture the names of every person who buys your item. If you are going to start a series (and we highly suggest it), you will want to get in contact with them once your 2nd (or 3rd, 4th, 5th,..etc) editions come out. It is always better to sell out than to have items left over. Scarcity leads to demand! Demand leads to sales! Sales take you to the bank!

Don’t short change your fundraiser!  Purchase according to the formula and follow our FREE fundraising guide to realize maximum profits from your Treasured Scenes program.

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Selecting a Treasured Scenes Collectible for Fundraising:

Custom Woven AfghanFinding the right collectible for your feature image to be displayed on is just as important as featuring the right subject to feature. Our afghans (pictured to the right) allow multiple subject images to be featured. The custom woven afghan should be displayed in a prominent place, such as a frequented main street store. Showing off the afghan in one of their display windows will surely help sales. Afghans are very successful fundraisers for special anniversaries or celebrations and may be sold annually in a larger size market successfully.

In smaller markets though, ornaments and other small collectibles are affordable for all income levels, which brings much higher sales volume.  It is important to compare the profitability between a collectible such as the glass ornament, and an afghan as they are very different.  One afghan sale will equal approximately $25 in profit, versus around $8 per ornament.  In this case, it is always preferable to discuss your fundraising goals with your Keystone Specialties client services representative if you are undecided on which fundraising collectible to use from Treasured Scenes. 

After consulting with Keystone Specialties client specialists about your new Treasured Scenes fundraising interest, choose the limited edition collectible that meets will allow you to meet your goals.  Whatever the item you choose, our client services representatives will help you merge your chosen subject image with your favorite collectible in the most attractive way possible.  Our art department will transform your image into a beautiful collectible for amazing visual appeal.