School Sports Fundraising

Trips to play-off events, uniforms, equipment, and physical trainers all require money to keep a sports team active.  We offer an annual fundraising solution with the Treasured Scenes collectibles by featuring the team mascot, fight song, or a championship win.  With custom designed limited edition collectibles, the entire community can enjoy supporting the team by purchasing them on game days and through their favorite team players. 


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What Should You Feature?

Team logos or mascots create strong fundraisers, but also consider creative images such as championship wins or memorable plays.  These could boost Treasured Scenes fundraising results even more than a logo due to their inherent rarity.  If it is your teams first championship, or you broke the record for championship wins, the ornament will hold more value to the public, as well as parents of the athletes, who are very likely to purchase the collectibles.  Regardless of the image used, it should celebrate the accomplishments and the identity of the team.

While it is hard to determine whether or not a Treasured Scenes Collectible will work in your area, we are positive that a list of buyers will grow over time. What we suggest is test the waters first. Start by ordering a small quantity of a particular item (ornaments work best for this) and see how well they go over. What you absolutely must do is capture the names of every person who buys your item. If you are going to start a series (and we highly suggest it), you will want to get in contact with them once your 2nd (or 3rd, 4th, 5th,..etc) editions come out. It is always better to sell out than to have items left over. Scarcity leads to demand! Demand leads to sales!