Custom Coins

The Dilemma

This great idea for raising funds came from a little town in Pennsylvania 26+ years ago. It seems that the merchants were having a rough time (even back then) raising the necessary money to purchase some badly needed decorations for Main Street


The Solution

The idea they came up with was to create a Limited Edition Coin featuring a historic building on one side and a brief history of the building on the back. They decided to mint a specific quantity and when they sold out that was all they would make, thus making them a true Collector's Coin.


The Result

The coins became so popular that they raised enough money to expand the decorations to the side streets as well. The merchants were very delighted as they were no longer being "assessed" each year just to maintain what they had. Now they have a waiting list of people every year, eagerly waiting to hand them the money they need. Everyone wins! The sponsor gets lots of publicity, the history is promoted and preserved, and the buyers have a limited edition, heirloom quality collectible.


Custom Coin Examples

 antique brass coin

Antique Brass

 Bright Brass Finish Coin

Bright Brass

 Copper Finish Coin

Copper Finish


Silver Finish CoinSilver Finish 



Coin Options

 Each coin can come with one or several options. Two of the most popular are custom edging and sequential numbering. With sequential numbering, you can truly say that the coins you produce are part of a limited edition.

 coin with scalloped edge

Scalloped Edge with Number Block

 Spiral Edge Coin

Spiral Edge

 Color Filled Coin

Color Filled Coin

 3D Sculpted Coin

3D Sculpted Coin

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